Data Entry

We need people for basic data entry into the Explorer, collating and researching information, and training others.

Language & Translation

One of the goals for the Explorer is to have it accessible to a universal audience. Eventually, we will need people to help translate various parts of the Website, the Explorer, and its guides and documentation. If you are multilingual and interested in helping in this area, please let us know, so we can make a note and reach out as required.

Information Technology

Do you have skills or knowledge in the following areas, in particular JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, and/or MongoDB? We are also looking for people who have experience in general IT development, Website Design, Phylo Software, Computer Programming, and Game Development.

Graphics, Art & Design

Do you have skills or experience in Graphics, Art and/or Design? You could help contribute to areas such as the Explorer, the Website, or various side projects, such as promotional and/or educational materials.

Promos and Marketing

Do you have a mind or knack for promotional ideas? Do you have skills or experience in advertising or marketing? Or maybe you just have some great ideas on how to get a product out to the public?

QA Testing

We need people to test the Explorer. We need feedback on its functionality, practicality, and overall usage so that we can eliminate any bugs or problems before it is released to the public.

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND)

Another goal of the Explorer is to have it accessible to those with any special educational need or disability. Do you have any experience or knowledge in this area? Eventually, we want to be fully inclusive and consider such things as sight, hearing, dexterity, mobility, autism, cerebral palsy, dyslexia, et al.

Administration & Motivation

How are you with paperwork? Do you have experience with Google Docs, Spread Sheets, and/or PowerPoints? Are you a great motivator? Are you organised? We need you!

Research & Data Gathering

We need people to search for and acquire basic information.

No skills required - just the ability to search the internet, keep a record of appropriate sites, and note their ability to fulfill the criteria required.

Scientific Expertise

This group focuses on offering advice and answering questions. It is reserved for any qualified person in the field of biology or any relevant science/organisation. Have you studied or are studying these areas? Any guidance, advice or consultation you could offer would be invaluable.