Phylogeny concerns the evolutionary history and development of organisms, how they diverge and evolve from each other, and the relationships between them.

The Phylogeny Explorer is a navigable, online encyclopedia of the entire evolutionary tree of life. Navigate the cladogram, from root to tips, and see ancestral lineages branching like a a tree. Search for specific clades or species, and interact with the nodes at each branch to find out more information, including pictures, parent or child clades, and reference material.


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Aron Ra is the creator and founder of the Phylogeny Explorer. He is a science educator, author, international speaker, and he has been a political activist, and Texas State and US National Leader for American Atheists.

Building the Phylogeny Explorer is a massive project that is volunteer led, widely international, and is comprised of individuals of various vocational and educational backgrounds, all bringing their own skills, insights, and creativity.

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