Phylogeny concerns the evolutionary history of life, how organisms diverge and evolve from each other, and the relationships between them.

The Phylogeny Explorer is a navigable, online encyclopaedia of the entire evolutionary tree of life. Navigate the dendrogram from root to leaves, and see ancestral lineages branching like a tree. Search for specific taxa or species, and interact with the nodes at each branch to find out more information, including images, parent and child clades and reference material.


Taxon Information

Aron Ra is the creator and founder of the Phylogeny Explorer Project. His many notable achievements include science educator, author and international speaker.

Building the Phylogeny Explorer is a massive project which is fully international, non-profit and free for all. It is also volunteer led, comprising many skills, nationalities and walks of life, all bringing collaboration and something unique to the table.

If you are interested in working on the Phylogeny Explorer Project and becoming a part of this extraordinary contribution to science, volunteer!


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